The Terrorist Argument: Modern Advocacy and Propaganda

The Terrorist Argument: Modern Advocacy and Propaganda Christopher C. Harmon January 10, 2018 Rough transcript: Robert R. Reilly: I’m very delighted to give a brief introduction of our speaker tonight Dr. Christopher Harmon whom I don’t unfortunately happen if we … Continue reading

Joseph Braude

Broadcasting Change: Arabic Media as a Catalyst for Liberalism Joseph Braude February 6, 2018 Rough transcript: Robert R. Reilly: I’ll be brief in the introduction because you’ve already seen it in the invitation that the subject of tonight’s talk is … Continue reading

Agus Widjojo

Agus Widjojo How to Support Democracy: The Case of Indonesia Rough transcript: Robert R. Reilly: Tonight it is a great privilege to have Agus Widjojo who is a minister in the Indonesian government. He is a retired lieutenant general who … Continue reading

Ahmet Yayla

How Turkey Sees Its Role in the World and What it Means for the U.S.  Ahmet S. Yayla 7:30 pm-8:45 pm (April 25) Rough transcript: Robert R. Reilly: We’re delighted tonight to have back with us Dr. Ahmet Yayla who … Continue reading

Sebastian Gorka

America’s Enemies Old and New and the Trump Doctrine Sebastian Gorka August 14, 2018 Video available on C-SPAN Robert R. Reilly: Seb also of course has a deep, academic background. He’s taught at National Defense University, he’s taught at Marine … Continue reading

Daniel Green

In the Warlords’ Shadow: Special Operations Forces, the Afghans, and Their Fight Against the Taliban Daniel Green April 4, 2018 Rough transcription: Robert Reilly: Our speaker tonight, Dr. Daniel Green, is a defense fellow at the Washington Institute for Near … Continue reading

Wael Farouq

Arab Identities and Tribal Culture Wael Farouq May 23, 2018 Rough transcription: Barbara Gagliotti: Good evening everyone. My name is Barbara Gagliotti and I am the associate director of crossroads cultural center and we are co-sponsoring tonight’s event. I’m very … Continue reading

Jack Dziak

Old Lesson for New Wars: Counterintelligence at the Roots of Provocation and Terror Dr. Jack Dziak Watch his talk here Dr. Jack Dziak is co-founder and President of Dziak Group, a consulting firm in the fields of intelligence, counterintelligence, and … Continue reading

Patrick Clawson

Will the Islamic Republic Last Long Enough to Get a Nuclear Bomb? Patrick Clawson February 21, 2018 Rough transcription: Robert Reilly: Tonight, I’m very pleased to have an old friend address Westminster, Patrick Clawson, who was an old friend from … Continue reading

Daniel Brubaker

How Some Muslim Activists Use Speech Codes to Subjugate the West and How to Respond Daniel Brubaker July 25, 2018 Rough transcription: Robert R. Reilly: Our speaker tonight who has just returned from a trip to the Middle East albeit … Continue reading