Tainted Legacy

Yusufu Turaki BUY NOW!  In recent years violent attacks by Muslims inNigeriahave left thousands of Christians dead. The origins of the current crisis are traced to the historical impact of Islam onNorthern Nigeria. The author explores the significance of Islamic … Continue reading

Understanding Islamist Terrorism

Patrick Sookhdeo BUY NOW! This work examines the well-defined classic interpretation of the Islamic doctrine of war which was followed in the early days of Islam and to which modern Islamist terrorism looks for its justification. It explains the ideology, … Continue reading

Understanding Shari`a Finance

Patrick Sookhdeo BUY NOW! This book explains how the last twenty years has witnessed the rise of a distinctively Islamic financial system which has developed into a major player on the world economic stage. Muslim scholars, clerics and financial organisations … Continue reading

Islamism and the Future of the Christians of the Middle East

Habib C. Malik BUY NOW! Christianity may have “won the world,” in the sense of being the most widespread religion in history with the largest number of adherents, but it is steadily losing ground in and around its birthplace. Although … Continue reading

Mastermind: The Many Faces of the 9/11 Architect, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Richard Miniter BUY NOW! The bestselling author of Shadow War and Losing Bin Laden exposes the sinister Al Qaeda mastermind behind 9/11. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks, has carried out many of the biggest terrorist plots … Continue reading

Virgins? What Virgins?: And Other Essays

Ibn Warraq BUY NOW! In this wide-ranging collection of insightful, controversial, and often-witty essays, the renowned author of Why I Am Not a Muslim has created a representative selection of his best work on the Koran and various problems posed … Continue reading

Toward a Grand Strategy Against Terrorism

Christopher C. Harmon, Andrew N. Pratt, Sebastian Gorka BUY NOW! For those at military graduate schools; private experts on security in the business world; members of police forces and defense departments; conflict resolution experts; and many other sorts of practitioners … Continue reading