America’s Enemies Old and New and the Trump Doctrine

America’s Enemies Old and New and the Trump Doctrine Sebastian Gorka August 14, 2018 Video available on C-SPAN Transcript: Robert R. Reilly: Seb also of course has a deep, academic background. He’s taught at National Defense University, he’s taught at … Continue reading

Mansour al-Hadj

What are the Prospects for Real Reform in Saudi Arabia? Mansour Al-Hadj July 11 Rough transcription: Robert R. Reilly: Our speaker tonight, as you know from the announcement, is Mansour Al-Hajj, who is the director of the Reform Project at … Continue reading

The Ideological War: Saudi Influence Operations in the United States

Kyle Shideler maps out the plan that the Saudis developed at the 2004 meeting and how it has been implemented in the U.S.–how the Saudis have used businesses, NGOs, former government officials, media, and education in the United States to shape attitudes and policies towards Saudi Arabia. Continue reading